Go International

You’ve grown your business to success. But there’s always more ways of adding more value. What next? The answer could well be International Expansion – there’s just so much opportunity. International Corporate Creations understands that every business is different. Our experience and expertise helps you expand in the right way to the right markets and destinations. We can help in so many ways:

  • Exporting

    Exporting is most manufacturing companies’ first step overseas. Selling more is always good! There are myriad agents and distributors in overseas markets ready to help – but perhaps plenty of bureaucracy to overcome too. The critical issues are to pick the right countries and the right distributors so that you get quick tangible financial benefits

  • Your own Sales Office

    Setting up your own Sales Office in a country achieves much more than exporting or e-commerce alone. By owning the entire process, you achieve stronger branding and maximum access to the overseas market – and the costs of operating the office are likely to be much lower than the commissions you might otherwise pay an agent. Setting up abroad is much easier and lower cost than most business owners imagine.

  • Local sourcing

    Local sourcing of materials, products and external services needed to deliver your business can not only reduce your costs; doing that from your own local office can help many companies access benefits that wouldn’t be found or available simply through overseas purchasing.

  • e-Commerce and Representation

    e-Commerce and Overseas Representation are good first step options for service companies. Don’t be trapped into thinking that your company’s business can’t be internationalised – you may be surprised what “out of the box thinking” can achieve.

  • Innovation Centres

    Innovation Centres performing R&D and other specialist activity, or Back Office functions such as Bookkeeping and IT support are great offshore opportunities. Many countries have lower costs with skilled staff in plentiful supply. Such operations can significantly reduce your overall business costs, and thereby dramatically improve your profitability. It’s much better than outsourcing as you own and control the whole operation. Many functions can be handed in overseas Shared Service Centres - accounts, IT, and data processing are just a few.

  • Local manufacturing

    Local manufacturing can overcome shipping costs, tariffs and import barriers, making expansion to some countries viable where importing your existing finished products would be prohibitive. OEM manufacturing ranges from simple assembly through to making the complete product. Local manufacturing can also open up other regional markets that benefit from Free Trade Agreements with the base country.