About ICC

It’s more than just increased revenues and profits – it’s a simple fact that the value of a business increases through INTERnational Expansion, whether measured by share price or eventual sale valuation

Our mission is to help companies of all sizes grow their value through Intelligent INTERnational Expansion. Through our unique INTER 5-step process, we first guide business leaders to identify the most appropriate and valuable expansion routes for them, and then translate the concept into reality.

ICC – International Corporate Creations’ team can call on three decades of creating and managing businesses in countries as diverse as Australia, Brazil and China – and that’s just the first three letters of the alphabet! Besides professional advice, we create and support companies in virtually every country in the world with experience and knowledge that our clients can use to ensure their new enterprise gets off to a healthy start.

From research and feasibility through to staffing and management – you can count on our team to pick their way through the local rules and regulations and ensure nothing is missed – leaving you free to focus on your business.

Expanding into another country can be a nightmare – but in our expert hands, we’ll ensure that it’s smooth sailing, every step of the way.