Launching a business in another country can be exciting – and full of challenges. Instead of investing your time in learning from your mistakes, get your business up and running smoothly with our expert support. You can get help with:

  • International Business Analysis and Market Research

    Working with proven, trusted local professionals around the world, ICC can undertake all the research necessary to ensure that your business expansion is successful and that everything is covered, including:

    • Market scope
    • Local competition
    • Local business requirements
    • Costs and conditions
    • Optimal business locations
    • Identification of local business partners for Joint Ventures or contracted services
    • Local suppliers
    • Import and Export issues
    • Skills and availability
    • Exchange rate modelling and scenarios
  • Set up services

    Once you know where you’re expanding to, ICC - International Corporate Creations can deliver the quality services that you need as a one-stop solution, with firm fixed prices backed by our quality guarantee:

    • Bureaucratic, legal and regulatory hurdles resolved
    • Visas for inbound/outbound management and staff
    • Business name registration
    • Language capabilities and translation services
    • IT and Telecommunications infrastructure
    • Web site creation and management
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Financing and raising capital
    • Business launch and functions
    • Marketing
    • Travel arrangements related to core business
  • Local issues

    ICC - International Corporate Creations work with local professionals in every country to source the services and knowledge you need, with proven ability and economic costs:

    • Taxation
    • Advantages and disadvantages of working with local partners instead of setting up own business
    • Trademark, Copyright and Patent issues.
    • Divestment advice – support for IPOs and trade sale of existing businesses.
    • Local Legal services
    • Local accountancy and tax services
    • Local and international banking arrangements
    • Powers of Attorney and legalisation of documents
  • Moving your business to the UK

    The UK is ICC’s home country, and if you’re coming from elsewhere, it’s an ideal base not only for the large domestic market but also as a stepping stone to so many others. ICC have special services that can get you up and running in no time:

    • Complete business set up and legalisation
    • Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary services
    • Immigration advice
    • Comprehensive Accounting Services
    • Registration for Corporation and Value Added Taxes
    • Business configured for Angel and Venture Capital investment
    • Virtual Office provision and staffing
    • Out-of-country telephone numbers
    • Base for expansion to Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and other countries
    • All other ICC services detailed above
  • People

    Every business depends on its people - and when you are expanding internationally, you need to be sure to employ the best staff and executives so your business grows fast. ICC - International Corporate Creations can help in all these areas:

    • Recruitment
    • HR management
    • Independent Non-Executive Directors for the creation and management of foreign subsidiaries
    • … and if you just want to hit the ground running ask us about our Turnkey Service complete company creation in any country
  • International Expansion Training

    ICC’s training courses provide managers with the learning they need to manage international expansion effectively. They’ll acquire the knowledge to effectively project-manage your company’s next international expansion. We offer both regular 3-day courses and bespoke training specific to your business, covering topics such as

    • Why businesses expand internationally and how value is added
    • Identifying the right country, region and city
    • Researching laws, competition and other key factors
    • Managing Professional Resources – Legal, Accounting, HR & Language support
    • Selecting the right company type – Branch, Subsidiary or Joint Venture
    • Methodology of company setup